"I have Strong Faith in God," - Cardi B Slams Apologists

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Sometimes it is really difficult to differentiate our artists' lives on the television screen from their real lives. We are naturally more comfortable and quick to believe that what we see them act on the screen is who they truly are. While some are true, others turn out to be a huge lie.

American rapper, songwriter and actress, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, widely recognized as Cardi B, has clamped down on defamers who delight in confusing and juxtaposing her sexual mannerism with anything that has to do with religion.

The mother of one, who is famous for her controversial rap and highly sensual provocative dressing style, stated her firm faith in God while warning apologists to leave her alone.

In her tweet, she said;

"Don’t confuse and compare my sexual confidence with anything that has to do with religion. Ya keep putting me in these tweets, and I don't play that shit. I have very strong faith in God, and I don't play with him neither. Leave me then fuck alone!"

This is, no doubt, a very strong message to fans that may want to defame the American singer in the future.