Nollywood Actress Eve Esin is Pregnant, and She Looks So Beautiful in Her Baby Bump

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Pregnancy is a phase in every woman's life that anything goes when it comes to looks. While some get more beautiful, others are just so ugly with some part of their bodies besides their tummies looking larger than normal. Interestingly, celebrities do not look any different when pregnant, so it is generally a hormone thing.

The Nigerian actress, Eve Esin, the winner of the City People Entertainment Award for the most promising actress in Nigeria back in 2015, and the AMAA Award winner for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role, has taken to her social media handle to show off her baby bump.

While some argue the bump looks very fake and maybe another movie in the making, others have gone ahead to congratulate the actress, buttressing on how pregnancy makes her shine with beauty.

In her pictures, it is evident Eve is very elated to welcome this new addition to her life.