Popular Nigerian Musician Has Died of an Unknown Cause After Acquiring His MSc

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Death is inevitable, no doubt. However, when a promising young man or woman dies, it is so sad and most times unbearable for their families. Unfortunately, death isn’t reserved for anyone in particular, as it affects both the rich and poor, common and celebrated persons alike.

Nigerian music celebrity Alayande Lola Oladapo Quam, popularly known as Lala, is dead. Lala became a popular name right after the musician released his hit track, ‘Idi Nla,’ which he featured the late rap star, Dagrin.

According to a Facebook post made by Lala's brother, Alayande Tunde Adisa, Lala died yesterday morning from a yet-to-know cause.

Lala, while still living, was a graduate of Project Management from the Lagos State University. He graduated back in 2014 and later enrolled for his Master's degree program, which he graduated from some months ago, December 2020, to be precise.

Alayande Lola’s death is coming just a few weeks after the death of music producer, Dokta Frabs who incidentally was also the producer of Lala’s famous track.