10 tips on how to dress for success

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Understanding your job’s dress code will not only help you appropriately dress for your office but can also lead you down the path to success.


Honing in on your job’s dress code will not only help you appropriately dress for your office, but a powerful professional wardrobe can also lead you down the path to success. So, how does someone dress for success? Here's 10 tips on how to dress for success that will revamp your wardrobe for the better!


What you wear can have just as much of an effect as what you do. Dressing for success is very much a thing and though it may seem daunting, it can be conquered with these few simple tips.

1. Get Inspired

Seasonal change is the perfect time to hit the pause button and get inspired! Make the time to flip through magazines, head downtown, surf the web, get inspired by the natural style reset that presents itself.

2. Pick Your Path

Get clear on the season’s style cue’s that emotionally resonate with you. Not all trend are for all people and that’s OK. Find what works for you.

3. Claim Your Colour Crushes

Colour is one of the easiest ways to update one’s wardrobe and yet it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut.  Two rules of thumb:  1. Know your neautral. Rooting your wardrobe in the neutral that best suits you will help to optimise versatility.  Black not for you? Maybe you are more of a grey, brown or navy person. Whatever it is - claim it.  2.  Same goes for seasonal color. Commit to a tight palette of newness. Just one or two new colours go a long way.

4. Make Room For the New

Before setting out to shop, take stock of what you have.  Donate, sell or give away what you’ve not worn in the last year.  A pared down closet will simplify getting dressed each morning and who wouldn’t want that?!

5. Shop Strategically

After taking inventory of your existing wardrobe, identify the gaps and shop with clear intent. This approach will keep you from over shopping and also ensure that you can style a lot of different looks out of a curated collection of pieces.

6. Double Down

There are some things that are worth investing in, if you are able.  Shoes and handbags are top of the list. Why? Because they complete the look. Pair an awesome pair of shoes with less expensive apparel and the look is instantly elevated. Same goes for a great handbag.

7. Embrace Your Go-To’s

It’s tempting to feel like you need to dress a certain way when you’re under pressure for a big meeting but comfort breeds confidence. 

Wearing what you feel comfortable in will positively impact your ability to show up as your best self.

8. Ignore the Rules

As the workplace evolves and dress codes relax, it’s more fun than ever to push your workplace style. Pair denim with denim, wear black with navy or opt for a sequined top during the day. Above all, fashion is a creative outlet to express yourself.  Have fun with it!

9. Travel with Purpose

When travelling for work or pleasure, focus on a narrow colour palette and build outfits around that. You’ll be able to do more with less and might even save you from checking a bag!

10. The Toolkit is Key

Invest in a compact steamer over an iron.  It’s compact, quick and so much easier than the alternative!  Keep it in your bathroom for last minute touch ups. Other tools to keep handy at your desk or in your bag include a lint brush and polishing cloths for shoes and jewelry.


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