[Mp3] Lil Durk Ft. Nicki Minaj - Extravagant

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“Yo Lil Durk,” begins Nicki, continuing to ride her recent burst of pre-album momentum, “I heard you wanted to do a freaky song with the queen.” Evidently, that’s exactly what Durk ended up landing on “Extravagant.” Having recently premiered as Zane Lowe’s world record of the day, Durk’s new single finds him slowing things down, taking a melodic approach to his X-rated seduction. “Lickin’ your neck, spit in your mouth,” he sings, before the piece de resistance: “thumb in your ass!”

Nicki Minaj is more than down for the romp, matching Durk’s intensity and then some. Switching between melodies and bars , Minaj floats over the spacey instrumental, asserting sexual agency as she calls her lover to action. Overall, “Extravagant” makes for a bonafide bawdy banger, and one has to wonder if Durk will be checking this one off his bucket list. As for Minaj, it’s nice to see her continuing to hit the ground running, delivering a new piece of music at seemingly every turn. Do you think this one will enjoy a solid run, or is it best reserved for the bedroom?

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